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Federal Judge Allows Trades Secret Lawsuit to Proceed Against Former Exec of Nuclear Transport Business

“TNA plausibly alleged that Strang used TNA’s confidential information for his personal gain in violation of the RCA and, therefore, unlawfully misappropriated TNA’s confidential information. Because TNA adequately alleges that this information is subject to trade secret protection pursuant to MUTSA and DTSA, and that Strang misappropriated these trade secret assets and information by emailing […]

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Maryland Court Blocks Non-Dependent's Wrongful Death Suit Against Late Father's Employer

“Although neither this Court nor the Supreme Court of Maryland has considered the exact issue presented here, i.e., whether the Workers’ Compensation Act’s exclusivity provision applies to a non-dependent, our Courts have considered whether a wrongful death plaintiff is permitted to bring a wrongful death claim when a covered employee is killed in the course […]

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Verizon's Petition Seeking Repayment for $1M in Utility Relocation Fees Flops Before Virginia Supreme Court

“Here, Verizon’s claim, at its essence, is a contract claim. A determination of which party ultimately is responsible to pay for the relocation of Verizon’s facilities turns on the interpretation of various agreements entered into by the parties, including, but not limited to, VDOT’s permit allowing Verizon to locate facilities within VDOT’s rights-of-way, the comprehensive […]

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Maine Judge Rejects Thomas Keller Restaurant Group's Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Alleging Ex-Employee Worked Without Pay

“An employee who has been forced to go to court to get paid should not be faced with the peril of picking and choosing the ‘one correct’ statutory provision as between equally applicable statutory provisions, particularly at the pleading stage, when the purpose of the statutory scheme is to protect pay,” said the plaintiffs attorney […]

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